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Coporate Chair Massage: Is It Really Worth It?

The answer is YES!! In today's society, most people view massage as a luxury item verses a health necessity. They feel that they are spoiling themselves by indulging in a cultural ideal that massage is only for special occations and the elite.However, massage is more than just candles and soft music; it's about bringing restoration and health to the human body. There has been hundreds of scientific studies and published articles proving the benefits of massage therapy, especially in the work place. Because of this evidence, chair massages have become increasingly popular amongst the corporate world due to it's productive outcome in employees.

Here are four researched benefits found in just a 15 minute chair massage:

1. Massage DECREASES Stress, Depression, and Anxiety
Studies have found that massage, especially when done frequently, reduces the stress hormone cortisol which has been linked to high blood pressure, obesity, and supressed immune system function. In Rochester, Minnesota, a massage study was conducted on patients who had undergone open-heart surgery. The findings of this study were outstanding; patients reported they were significantly less anxious and tense and thier pain was considerably reduced. Simular studies confirmed the same results in patients who had undergone breat, colorectal, and thoracic surgery. If hospital patients noticed a significant difference in the midst of surgery, imagine how relaxed your employees would be!

2. Massage RELIEVES Muscle Tention and Pain
When muslces become tense and continue to stay tense, that tension can turn into extreme tightness, constant aches, and chronic pain. Tention causes constriction in the blood vessels which can reduces blood flow to soft tissue areas such as muscles, tendons, and nerves. That lack of blood flow can; (A) Cause muscles to become tight and stiff (B) Initiate the development of knots and trigger points
(C) Constrict vessels, nerves, and fibers. By introducing massage into this "muscle cocktail", blood flow and oxygen is restored to that area of constriction. Brain chemicals, such as dopamine and serotonin, are automatically released into the blood stream to aide in muscle relaxation and pain reduction.

3. Massage INCREASES Productvity and Performance
In "American Psychologist" a study was done to prove that massage increases performance and creative thinking. In the study, workers were split into two groups; One group received a 15 minute break, and the other group, a 15 minute chair massage. Both groups were later given complicated tasks to complete, such as math problems, to test their performance. The group that received the massage performed significantly better that the group that simply got a 15 minute break. It's better than coffee!  What would increased productivity look like for your busienss or company? Possibly less absenteeism? Better ideas? Less set backs? Better problem solving?

4. Massage ALLEVIATES Certain Health Disorders
Working in an office environment can develop certain physical disorders due to repetitive work habbits. Continuous writing or typing can produce Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Sitting for long periods of time can develop Lower Back Pain and Sciatica. Working at a computer non-stop can initiate Chronic Headaches, Migraines, Stiff Neck, and Back Pain. Any of these conditions sounds familiar? It's difficult to give 100% effort at work when every movement results in agonizing pain. There has been numerous scientific studies done proving that massage therapy is highly effective in the treatment of these disorders.

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